The Basics To Know.

Discussion in 'Basic Guidelines' started by The Gaffa, Jul 2, 2017.

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    We ALL have one thing in common by being members here and that is a burning love for our team NUFC.

    As such , it's a good idea if we ALL try and remain civil & polite to each other as much as possible.
    We all know that heated arguments happen at times when we get on about football as we all have our own opinion on things . Football is all about opinions and just because someone has a different take on the matter does not mean they are wrong or you are right, so lets keep it lighthearted as much as we can please.

    1. No threats to other members will be tolerated , either in a post or by personal message.
    2. Please keep your responses to threads on the same subject . Don't reply with something totally off track of what is already replied to.

    Subject to change & alteration .

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